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Not All Creatine Supplements Are Created Equal

The market is flooded with creatine supplements claiming to be the best. But what does “The Best Creatine Supplement” even mean these days?

Rather than flaunt meaningless advertising, we’ve created a creatine supplement that’s backed by the gold standard of credibility: science. And that’s why it truly stands out as the best creatine supplement.

Myoswell stands out because it’s powered by Kre-Alkalyn®, a patented (US Patent # 6,399,661) form of creatine that has been proven to stabilize in liquid and survive the acidic environment of the stomach to fully maximize your results.

The Science Behind Myoswell’s Formula

Creatine HCl : Creatine HCL is a premium creatine that doesn’t convert into the toxin known as creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue. Creatine HCL is absorbed into the body in larger amounts than other types of creatine which significantly lowers the necessary dosage needed while maintaining the same effects. Water retention is also decreased to eliminate the well-known “creatine bloat” effect. Creatine HCL gives you results from start to the finish by eliminating the “loading” phase associated with most creatine supplements.

Arginine AKG : Also known as Arginine Alpha-Keto Glutarate, this powerful muscle builder works by promoting amino acid synthesis and improves protein availability by helping to boost strength and improve muscle mass faster and more efficiently. When consuming Arginine, your body breaks it down even more to produce improved results. It works to improve your muscles forcing an increase in size, gains, and power and helps the body use creatine faster!

Arginine Ethyl Ester : Get all the ergogenic effects of L-Arginine, “pumped” up by esterification, without any of its limitations. When Arginine is added to the body, our bodies break it down to produce improved results. This process help improve the ability to deliver nutrients and flow to reach your muscles faster. The presence of an ester helps increase absorption, prolongs the generation of muscles, and extends the benefits of arginine over a greater period of time. Your body’s ability to increase muscle is intensified and you recover quicker with the presence of Arginine Ethyl Ester.

Myoswell Supplement Facts

Myoswell has also contains effective fat burning agents that will help you lower your body fat while adding lean mass.

Chromium : This essential mineral helps regulate insulin in the transfer of glucose, amino acid, and fat in the bloodstream. Chromium supplementation works to replace vital minerals lost during strenuous exercise. Chromium works as a potent stimulus for muscular development and reduces fat. Its uncanny ability to increase lean muscle mass while zapping fat makes this the perfect balance to the muscle gains you will be seeing with MYOSWELL’s potent creatine blend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Myoswell better than other creatines?

A. There are 2 things really set Myoswell apart as the best creatine supplement: The source of creatine and the delivery system. Not only is Kre-Alkalyn a clinically proven superior creatine product, but the unique nitric oxide delivery system will ensure that you have the most efficient absorption of the creatine possible.

Q. How long does a bottle of Myoswell last?

A. A botlle of Myoswell will last 30 days when used as directed.

Q. What results can I expect from Myoswell?

A. As the best creatine supplement, Myoswell was formulated to help anyone male or female put on lean body mass, cut fat, and have more energy during they’re workouts. Dramatic increases in strength and endurance are not uncommon, especially for first time users.

Q. Do I need to cycle off of Myoswell?

A. Though there is not clinical recommendation to cycle off creatine, we do suggest a couple weeks off every 3 or 4 months.

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