How Scrawny Guys Put On Size

In a society obsessed with losing weight, it can be tough to be the guy who has trouble gaining. Whether you shot up in high school and never filled out or have always been the scrawny one at the gym, putting on weight is just as much of a challenge for you as losing it […]



Best Muscle Building Advice From Top Bodybuilders

Your coach, your buddy, that know-it-all at the gym: everyone tries to give you the best muscle building advice. While these well-meaning people can certainly help you out, wouldn’t you prefer advice from a better source? That’s why we’ve collected some bodybuilding tips from none else than the world’s top bodybuilders. Whether you’re just getting […]



4 Easy Tricep-Blasting Exercises

Many bodybuilders make the mistake of focusing on biceps at the gym. They want to show off big, bulging biceps when they flex in the mirror. However, many pros know biceps aren’t the key to ripped arms; muscle tone in the triceps is just as important. Triceps makes up two-thirds the muscle mass in arms. […]



Debunking Creatine Myths

While protein is the go-to supplement for serious athletes, many have questions and concerns about creatine. With myths swirling alongside facts around the internet, smart athletes could use a pointer in the right direction. Here we present common misconceptions about creatine accompanied by the truth, backed by credible scientific research. RELATED: How to Use Creatine […]

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